What's interesting to me about your go-to criticism of many of the replies you find offensive here is to attribute them to "mostly" men - as if that somehow ends the discussion.

Your opinion happens to be that the comments on your breasts were not good natured. I simply disagree. Why can't the two takes co-exist?

As for boggled minds ... mine boggles at your faux assertion that I seem confident (to you) that you got this wrong. When In fact, I couched my comment in equivocating, soft language like "I really don't think", "In my opinion", and "reasonable minds can differ" to signal that there's room for discussion here -- not simply proclamations.

Your non-ironic reply speaks volumes about your own need to always be right.

About those (apparently) real quirks with Mark and Tracy ... well, hell yeah that shit can be funny. Lighten up, friend. Life can be a joy.

Intrepid knucklehead taking one wrong turn after another down a rocky road to nowhere.